It's that time of the year.
Valentine's Day is near, and that means it's time to do the right thing for your significant other, lest you end up in a boatload of trouble.I understand we all need/should be showing affection to the one we love, but sometimes I think this so-called holiday can get a little out of hand.
I heard of an advertisement one year talking about Valentines furniture.
There's nothing quite like a couch and ottoman that says I love you.

As we do every year, for those of you who would rather bypass Valentines, we present our annual Love Spurned/Anti-Valentines weekend, featuring Classic Rock tunes that speak of love gone wrong.
So, let's wallow in our sorrow and dislike of love, at least a little bit each hour this weekend on 99.1 The Whale!
And for those of you who love Valentines and are happy as a lark, we still have plenty of songs for you too.