Valentine's Day puts a lot of pressure on us to step up and get romantic and emotionally mushy, but some are just not like that. It's probably why Valentine's Day is not celebrated by plenty of people. And the fact that it commercially stains the idea of love. Let's not forget getting your heart crushed and mangled by that someone special.

So, how to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day? Here are some ideas.

1. If you have a recent ex, then flowers are the ticket. I don't mean lush, lively roses. I mean dead, smelly, decapitated ones. They will definitely send the message. Of course you might get policemen knocking at your door!

2. If you and your better half aren't into the holiday because it's too commercial, then do nothing. It's simple and costs nothing.

3. If you are single this is the easiest holiday ever! Stay away from bars that are throwing Valentine's Day bashes. Go to a karaoke bar instead. Sing "Love Stinks."

4. I personally liked watching anti love movies like Psycho, Texas Chain Saw Massacre and that kind of flick. And drinking beer because,well, it's not romantic. Garlic covered anything is perfect for your "holiday" entree. Oh. Wear the ickiest, most comfortable clothes you've got!

Feel free to expand on these ideas and make them your own. Share your ideas here, too.

Happy Anti-Valentine's Day!