What kind of damage are forecasters anticipating from this Winter Storm Nemo?
The area could see "widespread power outages with winds of this force," says Weather.com. Highways will likely be paralyzed for awhile. Travel should be restricted and eliminated altogether till the roads have been properly plowed and salted.


The Weather Channel gives Nemo a 10 out of 10 on its winter storm index:



Here are ten tips to keep you safe, warm and cozy during this winter storm.




1. Make sure that you have candles, matches or lighters, a battery operated radio, and emergency food supplies and tons of blankets as you need to prepare for Power Outages.  Think about where you'll put candles to keep them lit and safe. Have plenty of food staples like bread and peanut butter, protein bars and powdered milk. Also bottled water is a good idea to have stored away.

2.  Be prepared with alternative heat sources like a kerosene heater, wood stove and plenty of blankets.
3.  Designate a spot in the hall closet, to keep a bag of warm clothes for each person in the household. If the lights are out, it will be easier to find. Also make sure you have a supply of board games, a deck of cards and arts and crafts stocked in that room to keep the kids happy. Plan on the power being out for at least 24 hours. There will be no TV or internet, so plan accordingly.

4. Stock your Blizzard Kit with batteries, flash lights, battery operated radio/television, toilet paper, nonperishable foods such as cereal or crackers, canned goods, a non electric can opener, a small cooler with sandwich meats and fruit,  and any over-the-counter remedies you use regularly. If you have younger kids, don;t forget the diapers.
5. Traveling in a blizzard is just not a good idea. If you are on the road during a blizzard look for a hotel or motel nearby and stay off the road until driving conditions are safe again. If you do get stranded in your car, I always make sure that there's a blanket, gloves, hat.. etc in my vehicle at all times during the winter.

6. Stock up on shovels and snow removal equipment before the snow storm. You may also want to cover the windows and spaces around the doors to keep drafts at a minimum in the event the heat shuts off.

7. If you don't have a generator, it may be a good idea at some point to invest in one. (But before the snow starts to fly!)

8. A cell phone is a great idea. Keep it charged for as long as it will last. You can always plus it into your car.  Even if the phone and power lines go out you can get word out that you are stranded and need help. (unless the power is out to the cell phone tower near your home. But hey, what are you gonna do?)

9. Finally, STAY INSIDE. More bodies mean more warmth. It may be tempting to go outside and make snowmen and snow angels, but expending that much energy means kids will get wet, and cold... and with no heat it will be difficult to get their body temperature back up again.

10. Use Common Sense.. If you have any. If not, find someone who does