World Series Starts Tonight
Game one of the World Series is tonight from Los Angeles. I rooting for the Houston Astros to win. I have a few reasons why I am hoping they win. See why here.
Giants Fans Are Lucky
I'm jealous of Giants fans in our area. No, it's not because you have four Super Bowl Rings, (Eagles have three Championship Rings by the way), That's not it.
What to Watch?
Lots of sports to choose from on TV tonight. This is one of the many nights where it helps to have eight TVs in your basement. Guess where I will be tonight?
A Nice Apple Drink
I've had "spiked" apple cider before and it was just ok. But the one we had yesterday, was delicious and it really was a no-brainer.
Football or Sleep?
I love football, and I love to sleep. I used to go out for Monday Night Football, but now I'm lucky if I can stay away till halftime. So what am I going to do?
A Great Day of Golf
The Binghamton Devils teamed up with Achieve for a fundraising golf tournament on Tuesday. I golfed in it and had a great time. Here's how it went.

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