I don't know about you, but I am sick and tired of music artists getting involved in politics. And now that bad combo has screwed the New York State Fair.

Before I go on my rant, let me first say that this is my opinion only and not that of my company or 99.1 The Whale. Bon Jovi was set to play the New York State Fair. They signed the contract and all. A $650,000 contract at that. Very shortly before we were supposed to help announce upcoming shows, including this one, Bon Jovi pulled out saying they had a conflict.

Now, the Fair is all about the people of the state and the Agriculture side of things. Because Bon Jovi pulled out and there was very little, if no time, to fill that slot with a big act to draw crowds, the Fair stands to lose a whopping one million dollars.
What was that conflict, by the way? A political fundraiser for Governor Cuomo that was scheduled after Bon Jovi signed up for the Fair!

Here's my gripe: if it weren't for the fans that Jon Bon Jovi just blew off, he would not be in the position to perform at a one thousand dollar per plate fundraiser for Governor Cuomo. Jon Bon Jovi is a musician and has no business inserting himself, through his band, into politics. At least at the cost of the fans. It is disgusting and proves he is out of touch with who helped build him and the band.

And our Governor has proven how little he cares about Upstate by allowing this fundraiser to be scheduled at the same time as the Fair and not asking Bon Jovi to play the Fair instead.

We have fallen victim to political agenda and greed. Here's my problem with artists spewing their political beliefs on stage and through their fame; it ruins their work. I do not want to be forced to hear about politics when I want to hear music. The music becomes a total turn off.  I paid for their hits, not their politics. I don't care what party you are, it is wrong. And now, sorry guys, Bon Jovi is the latest to be dropped from my playlist at home.

Jon Bon Jovi showed his fans where they are on his priority list. They should be #2 behind actually making the music, but they are even below politicians! Really? I am beyond pissed because we here in the Southern Tier are dissed enough by Albany without having to be dissed by a musician. I wonder if this is part of why Richie Sambora isn't on the road with the band? He may agree with me.

Who did the Fair get to replace Bon Jovi? NO ONE! it will be nearly impossible to do so as tours are set almost a year in advance. Whoever does it, I hope does it after seeing how insensitive Jon Bon Jovi is to the people of New York State.