It's tornado season and that means being prepared. Yesterday's devastating weather in Moore, Oklahoma reminds me that we also have tornadoes and that we must take them seriously.

In 1998, an F-3 tornado struck the Binghamton area injuring 15 and killing 2. By today's scale, that would be an EF-3, which can cause significant damage with 136 to 165 mile per hour winds.  The debris thrown by this powerful of a storm can impale a tree. Which means it would shred a human.

At least 1 tornado a year hits this area. Although in the last few years, it averages 3. You must be prepared in the event of a severe storm. Make a plan with your family for both at home and when you are separated. And don't forget your pets. Preparedness is the difference between life and death.

FEMA has a great website that takes you step by step through your planning. Click here and bookmark it. The Humane Society has a website to plan for your pet's safety as well. Check it out here.

All this preparedness also works for floods, which I hope we never see again! Oh. here is video of the Binghamton 1998 tornado.