Fishing is a great pastime that parents can enjoy with their children. And if your family has a cottage on a lake, you can pretty much go fishing whenever you feel like it.

On May 24th. A young man by the name of Jason Leusch was fishing in Lake Ontario at Bort Bay where his family has a cottage. I'm sure Jason had no idea when he made his first cast of the day that he would be going into the record books.

Jason caught a 2-pound rock bass using a live shiner as bait according to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The record-breaking fish was just 1 oz more than the previous record  for the biggest rock bass caught in the state. The previous record was recorded in 1984 and it was caught in the Ramapo River.

According to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Facebook page, this was the second record-breaking fish caught in less than a month. Just a few weeks back a new white bass record was established.

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I used to love fishing. Every year I would buy my license and meet up with friends or a couple of my brother in-laws and head to a lake. As time went on I started fishing less and less and eventually gave it up all together.

About 10 years ago, Ian mentioned that he wanted to go fishing. My wife Chris used to fish with her dad when she was young so we decided we would take him. Chris and I both went and got our licenses and then we went out and bought three new rods and reels, line, hooks, bobbers, and some lures.

If I remember correctly, we took him to Dorchester Park and Cole Park. I think we took him fishing two or three times and we haven't been back out since.

One of these days I'll have to take it up again.

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