How would you like to stay at Jim Beam's Distillery in Kentucky? If you love bourbon so much that you always dreamed about living at a distillery, well now you can.

I'm sure if Chris told me we were going away for a couple of days and staying at a different Airbnb I would not get excited. If she told me we are staying at the Jim Beam Airbnb, I would be packed and in the car honking the horn before she finished the sentence. has listed the Clermont property on their website for just $23 a night. That's about the price of a bottle of Jim Beam. The cottage is beautiful and includes a bar in one of the rooms that will be stocked if you stay there.

They are booking dates starting October 21st and running through the end of the year. And with the price of just $23 a night, I'm sure those dates are going to fill up fast. According to the post on the website, the cottage was built in 1919 and it overlooks Everbach Lake. The cottage features three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, a fireplace, and more.


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