It must be nice to have so much money that you don't know what to do with it. The amount of money that would let you buy things that you can get for free.

This morning I found an article on Vice about a ritzy grocery store in San Francisco California is selling something that anyone can get for free. The store is called Bi-Rites and it's a store that specializes in all things organic.

Vice discovered that they are selling fall leaves for $14.99. The sign says that they are “organic leaves”. Yes, leaves, as in the same things you and I have been raking up over the past few weeks. And to think how much money I wasted by mulching the leaves in my yard in Endicott the last two weeks. I might as well have mulched tens of thousands of dollars.

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Now I get that some people my want to use leaves for some kind of art project or some kind of fall decoration display, but you can just walk outside and gather leaves yourself instead of paying $15 for two hands full. Seriously, what would you think if you walked into Wegmans in Johnson City, or in to Down to Earth Foods in Endicott and saw a bag of “organic leaves” for $15?

I may have to start my own business. Just think how much the rich people would pay to get a truck full of leaves for their kids to jump into, as long as they are “organic” that is. If I was even making $10 every two handfuls you would never hear me complain about raking again.

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[via: Vice]

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