Monday mornings, like many other people, I struggle to get out of bed. After hitting the snooze button three or four times, I lay in bed asking myself, "how it could be Monday morning already"?

It was even more of a struggle this morning after the daylight savings change yesterday. It didn't really affect me much yesterday, but I definitely felt extra sluggish rolling out of bed this morning.

Then once I got to work this morning, I checked the National Day Calendar and discovered that it's National Napping Day. I don't remember this last year, but according to National Day Calendar, National Napping Day was created in 1999 by  Boston University Professor Dr. William Anthony Ph.D. and his wife Camille.

Now I'm not suggesting that you put your head down and take a nap at work today. But, if you do end up falling asleep on the job, you can always tell your boss that you were just celebrating National Napping Day.

So how long should you nap? You can find the recommended times for napping here.

I rarely nap, but when I do, I have no idea how long to sleep. There have been times where I slept for 15 minutes and felt great, and other times where I woke up after 15 minutes and thought to myself, "that was a tease".

Then, there have been times where I just wanted to nap for about an hour and woke up four hours later. Not only does that screw up the rest of your day, but it could also keep you from falling asleep later that night.

So I want to know, do you nap? If so, for how long? And how do you feel afterward?

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