Built in 1850, it has served as a post office, a stage coach, and an inn. Now it is a destination spot for those looking for delectable food, cold beverages, live music, and comradery. The place? The Choconut Inn of Friendsville, Pennsylvania.

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Situated at the corner of Quaker Lake Road and Route 267 in Friendsville and located only minutes from the New York border, the Choconut Inn is famous for its incredible food such as its half-pound burgers, pizza, wings, and dinner specials drawing in crowds of locals, Broome County residents looking for a filling meal, and those who vacation at the nearby lakes during the summer months.

However, there is more to the Choconut Inn than its 3,000 square foot restaurant and bar. Located directly above the restaurant and bar is a 3,000 square foot inn which would needs some updating but would certainly bring in additional income.

The Chocnout Inn, which sits on a two acre property also boasts a 6,000 square foot entertainment venue with a 34 foot by 16 foot stage and plenty of indoor and outdoor seating space.

The entertainment venue not only hosts live music and entertainment, but can also be transformed into a lovely wedding venue with a rental fee of $2,500 to $5,000 per day of use. Imagine updating the inn above the restaurant and turning it into a true wedding destination where the wedding parties could get ready for the ceremony and even stay the night before or night of the wedding.

The possibilities are endless and with a more hands on owner, the Choconut Inn could host a wedding, sleep guests, and even cater a wedding meal all in addition to serving regular customers of its restaurant and bar.

Robert Pornbeck, the owner of the Choconut Inn and real estate agent with Michael DeRosa Exchange, has decided to retire and is asking $875,000 for his historic gem According to its listing on BizBuySell, the gross revenue of the Choconut Inn is $600,000 and the current monthly property expenses are $2,500.

Included in the sale of Choconut Inn is all equipment and furnishing. If you're interested in owning a piece of NEPA history, fill out the contact form on BizBuySell or call Robert Pornbeck at 607-343-7721.

Take a Look Around Friendsville’s Historic Choconut Inn

Robert Pornbeck, the owner of the Choconut Inn and real estate agent with Michael DeRosa Exchange, has decided to retire and is asking $875,000 for his historic gem which operates as a restaurant, bar, music venue, and wedding venue. If you're interested in owning a piece of NEPA history reach out to Robert Pornbeck at 607-343-7721.

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