PR Newswire reported yesterday, that a new survey said 77% of people wish they could work from home. 19 of those people said there were no downsides to telecommunicating.

I don't know if people just want to work naked or just stay away from people but I would have a hard time working from home. I don't think I'm disciplined enough to stay focused to get the job done. The technology is there to actually do radio from pretty much anywhere, but the best way to do it is with a multitrack board that we have here at the studios and a bunch of computers so I can find my Strange But True stories and to find sound effects and stuff like that and play them on the air. I

If I was to work from home, especially after my show was done, I would find myself slacking off constantly and putting off my other daily responsibilities. I think I would find myself watching some TV, taking a nap, an extended lunch, and if my dog was still alive, I'm sure that would be a major distraction as well. Not to mention, if I have a question that I need to ask a co-worker, it's easier to just get up and walk to their office to ask them, instead of calling them and texting them all day waiting for a response. On the bright side, It wouldn't matter what I looked like in the morning because nobody would see me. But I know, I would be waking up minutes before I had to go on the air because I didn't have to worry about driving in.

So maybe it is a good thing that I drive into work each morning instead of trying to do my show from my house.

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