Can I give you my short answer? All of them equally. Is there a magic wand somewhere that can make them all go away? I suppose if I win the lottery that would qualify as a magic wand, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

It seems that whenever a bill of mine gets paid off, and I think I'm about to have a few extra dollars in my pocket, something breaks that will require making monthly payments on something else. Most of the time it has to do with my car. And it's never just a 100 dollar repair. It's more like a thousand dollars or more.

I have to really think about what bill I hate paying the most. I have so many. All my fault, I know. I tend to spend money like I'm rich, and believe me, I'm not. I just paid off a couple of medical bills and wouldn't you know it, my refrigerator bit the dust and my concrete front stairs are crumbling from the harsh winter. So here we go again.

I suppose if I had to choose what bill I hate paying the most, it's a couple of credit cards that have a really high interest rate. If I just pay the minimum amount, it will take years to pay off. And for some, making the minimum payment is all that can be afforded.

Speaking of money, the 10K Stimulus Check contest is coming back on 99.1 The Whale. It could mean paying down or paying off some of your most hated bills. Or you could just spend the money on something you want, not something you need, like more toys for that place you go to, to get away from stress.

The 10K Stimulus Check contest begins Monday April 5th. We've got your chance to win 1000 dollars or a grand prize of 10,000 dollars. We'll give you two chances to win 1000 dollars each weekday. You simply listen for code words at the top of each hour from 8am to 5pm and then enter them on The 99.1 The Whale app. Download the 99.1 The Whale App for complete rules and details and get ready to play.

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