The date of my most favorite time of the year is May 1st. And that date is opening day for camping season at the campground where my travel trailer resides. I'm  counting down the hours.

It's been a long six months since I closed up camp (shedding a tear or two) and I couldn't be more excited to get back. Camping is becoming more and more popular with not just us older folks, but also with the younger crowd.

Some people have passed on living in a traditional home or apartment in favor of becoming full time RVers whether it's because they have retired or still have a full-time job.

Working full-time from your home on wheels is a thing. Lots of people have taken the plunge, and it allows them to be anywhere in the country, utilizing the wonders of the internet to do perform their job.

Can you imagine working from inside (or outside) your RV or camper with the scenery of a national park, or maybe at a campground on the shores of the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf? Bet that would make your day a lot less stressful.

I have thought about becoming a full-time RVer once I retire, but even though it sounds enticing, there are a lot of factors to consider before selling your home and all the junk, ah, I mean belongings that have been acquired over the past several decades.

Still, it a doable thing, and something I will consider when or if I ever retire. In the meantime, I'm set to just get abk to my stationary camper. My van of full of stuff to take to camp on May 1st and this weekend.

Here's to the next six months being better than the last six. Hopefully Mother Nature will be play along.

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