Wolfgang Van Halen's solo project Mammoth WVH has released “Feel,” the latest track from its upcoming debut album.

From the first note, the up-tempo song is propelled by powerful guitar and drums. Lyrically, Van Halen sings about a relationship that’s fallen apart: “It was always the way it was supposed to be / But it was not enough / It was always the way that you thought of me / Was I not enough?”

Soon afterward, the rocker lunches into the track’s emphatic chorus: “It’s a long long way, in another day / Long long way, it’s another day / It’s on the way / It’s on the way.”

In a song already filled with adrenaline, arguably the most forceful moment arrives about 2:20 into the track. At that point, Van Halen delivers an instrumental break, full of heavy riffs and thundering drum fills - all the more impressive considering he played every instrument on the album himself. He then returns with a refrain of the chorus to close out the track.

You can watch the lyric video for “Feel” below.

"Feel" marks the fifth song released in advance of Mammoth WVH, which is set for release on June 11. Previous tracks include “You’re to Blame,” "Don’t Back Down,” “Think It Over” and “Distance.” The latter, a tribute to the rocker's late father, Eddie Van Halen, hit No. 1 at active rock radio.

Mammoth MVH made their television debut in February on Jimmy Kimmel Live, with Wolfgang backed by a lineup of touring musicians. Their first full-length show is currently scheduled for October.


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