Do you love the sound of a loud vehicle? Maybe your vehicle makes a loud presence when traveling down the road with that awesome exhaust system. From as long as muscle cars or maybe even before came on the scene, a loud muffler meant you were cool and tough.

There are many loud vehicles on the road today, along with those who also have a sound system that sound like it could blow out your windows when passing your house. The bass seems to rattle the entire neighborhood.

I have a really thin glass windows in my work office, and if there is a vehicle with a loud muffler or audio passing by, I can't hear anything else until the vehicle has moved on. I'm not a fan of these loud vehicles. I have never been a fan of loud noises in general. During fireworks shows, there are some that have a very loud 'boom' that you sometimes don't expect, and that scares the hell out of me.

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I cringe at the sound of sirens as well. I don't know why. Maybe something scared me when I was a kid, causing me to shy away from loud noises. I don't have any problem with loud music though, unless it's a very loud bass from a passing vehicle. That's just annoying.

According to ABC 7 New York, the New York State Legislature recently passed the SLEEP act. It stands for 'Stop loud and excessive exhaust act.'  If Governor Cuomo signs the bill, you will not be able to add any item that increases the sound of your exhaust system on a vehicle or motorcycle.

As far as I know, it doesn't include over the top loud sound systems, but it should. I don't have anything against a good sounding car audio system, but if it's loud, you will not hear any emergency vehicle that may come up around you, and that could be a problem.

via ABC 7 New York

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