Imagine you take your kid to a playground or you go to the ball field to watch a game and you see a couple going at it in public. That's just what happened just down I 81 in Wilkes-Barre P.A.

According to the Smoking Gun, several hundred visitors saw the couple engaging in sex. Some of the witnesses provided the police with video evidence, as well as still photos.

I know some people think it's kinky to have sex outdoors in public. And some of then probably get turned on more with people watching. I have no problem with people getting kinky but to do it in a park with kids around, is going way too far.

Both of the participants were charged with disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, and open lewdness according to the Smoking Gun.
The part about this story that made me do the blog was the last paragraph in the article, it says,

In addition to live sex shows, the 52-acre Kirby Park offers visitors tennis and volleyball courts, a fitness trail, walking paths, and a pond. The park is also the setting for Wilkes-Barre’s Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration."

I don't know who wrote the article, but I literally spit my coffee across the studio when I read that last paragraph.





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