Did you know that pouring your beer the wrong way could lead to some legitimate stomach issues? Sounds totally made up, but a beer expert at Anheuser-Busch says it's true.

According to the Daily MailMatt Bakker has devoted his life to teaching people the proper way to drink beer and he claims that if you pour your beer too slowly and carefully, the carbon dioxide actually gets trapped in the beer which causes the bubbles to go to your stomach, causing a bellyache. Literally.

So, what’s the trick to pouring a belly ache-free beer? Bakker says you should start by tilting your glass and pour fast. Yes, this is opposite from what most people have been taught and yet, it will create a bunch of foam, but it's the foam that makes the beer taste better and it also won’t make it to your stomach, so you won’t end up feeling like ick.

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