It's a fact that restaurants come and go. Nothing earth-shaking about that fact. But every time when one or the other happens, why are we so interested?

Is it the excitement of something new coming to our area or sadness that a favorite restaurant is closing its doors? I would guess that both are true.

Whenever we announce the news of a new restaurant opening or closing, we get a lot of response - good, bad, sad and who cares. I have to admit, these openings and closings do pique my interest. Especially with the opening of a new restaurant. I'm interested in checking it out. I love to see what the decor will look like, and more importantly, how good the food is.

And if it's something a bit different from what other restaurants offer, that's even better. We really do have a great variety of restaurants, but there's always room for something different.

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Just recently, we gained a restaurant that specializes in macaroni and cheese dishes, among other specialties. I like that concept. Now we have learned of a seafood restaurant coming to the Vestal Parkway. Looking at their menu, it reminds me of seafood feasts I have enjoyed at restaurants on the beaches of Ocean City, MD. Both certainly got me interested and I will definitely check them out.

I look forward to trying new restaurant adventures, and hope we see more in our area, although I have to admit, my favorite place to go for a meal will always be a local diner. In my opinion, you can't beat local flavor and people, no matter how fancy or gimmicky a restaurant may be.

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