Yep, you probably hear me talk often about my weekend and vacation camping experiences between May and November. That's the six month period you will find me to be at my happiest.

I really do live a somewhat sheltered life. Outside of working at The Whale and occasionally entertaining as a mobile DJ, my only other activity or passion as you may call it, is camping. Well, it's probably more like glamping. I have all the accessories of a home in my travel trailer.

I did the tent camping thing for a good portion of my life, but decided about 20 years ago to dump the tent and go for a solid four wall travel trailer. Haven't looked back since.

But, it's not about what's in the camper, it's about where I am camping, and the joys that go along with it. Take a look below at what I get to enjoy when I take a vacation, or have a weekend off. For me, this is heaven on earth. And this year, you know it will mean so much more that it ever has.

OUT AND ABOUT: Why We Love To Camp

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