Well, at least we aren't dealing with cold, snow and ice. The temperatures are up and that's good, but we don't need a ton of unwanted replacement for the stuff that Winter brings us.

Yes, we need rain to survive. But can we get it in even doses? Mother Nature probably says no. OK, how about on weekends and holidays we have a truce. Keep the rain to just the weekdays. Oh yea, not Fridays. It would put a crimp on my Friday campfire.

This past weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, I decided to mow the lawn at camp as soon as I got settled. Good thing I did. Saturday was hot and Sunday and Monday we got hit with a good dose of rain.

The lawn around my camper is so soaked, there are plenty of areas with standing water. When I take the Greyhounds out to do their business, I'm wearing rubber boots. If it got any worse, I'd be wearing hip boots. Well, maybe not that extreme, but with every step I made, the mud and water was flying everywhere.

I tried to avoid the wet patches, but the dogs have other ideas as they are dragging me through the lawn, looking for that perfect place to let loose. Yea, too much information there.

I think we could do without precipitation for a while now, but Mother Nature is not going to listen to me. Hopefully, we'll get more sunshine and less wet stuff this Summer, and I can put away the boots, and put on the flip flops.

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