My high school had both a Junior and Senior Prom. We didn't do 'prom-posals' back in that day like kids do now. We would just gather up the nerve to ask a girl to the prom and hope she said yes.

We've all seen sitcoms where they've poked fun at people who ended up taking their cousins or other family members to the prom because they couldn't find a date. We've had Strange But True stories about boys who would take their mothers to the prom because there mom missed theirs when they were in high school because they were pregnant with their kid. And we've all read the articles about kids asking celebrities or sports figures to take them to their proms. And there's been a few cases where the celebrity or sports figure actually agreed to go with them. But I've never seen a story about a prom like this.

According to WHTM-TV, a high school student in Carlisle, Pennsylvania brought a cardboard cutout of actor Danny DeVito to their dance. WHTM-TV reported that Allison Closs purchased a cardboard cutout of DeVito online along with the scooter she used to move the figure with. Of course, Danny DeVito was most famous for his role as Louie on the TV show "Taxi". He's also been in movies including "Twins" and he also starred in the hit comedy "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

Not to knock Danny DeVito because he's a very funny man, but I don't understand why a high-school student would want to bring him to the prom. Unless maybe she loves the M&M commercial that he stared in. See the video of Allison and her date on the WHTM-TV website, and see the M&M commercial featuring Devito below.

[via WHTM-TV / YouTube/mmchocolates}

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