As you know, I just returned from my vacation. We started out on Friday August 30t, and made our way to Philadelphia to catch a flight. Before we went to the airport, we stopped by and made a surprise visit my former boss Tom Barney who retired last year and left Binghamton to open up a book store in a small town in New Jersey. It's a lot closer to his daughters too, he didn't just pick a town in Jersey for the hell of it.

After a nice visit with my former boss, Chris and I met up with one of my cousins who lives in Philly. I grew up will Billy in my home town of Carbondale. He went to college in Philadelphia and never left. Now he's married and has three daughters. We met Billy for some burgers and then we were off to the airport to make our way to Seattle.

Arrived in Seattle around midnight our time, 9 p.m. their time, on the 30th. We didn't board our cruise ship until September 1, so we had all day Saturday in Seattle. We met up with the couple who we were going on the cruise with, John and Lori Mocniak, who now live in Little Meadows Pennsylvania. Chris an Lori have been friends since they went to high school together at Johnson City.

We spent all day Saturday hitting all the tourist sites in Seattle including, the Space Needle, the Jimi Hendrix statue, Chateau Ste Michelle Winery, (which by the way was  holding a Steve Miller concert later that night), and we went to a whiskey distillery right around the corner from the winery.

We wanted wanted to go to the Museum of Modern Culture because they have a lot of cool stuff in there regarding the Seattle Music scene. But by the time we tried to go in, they were about an hour away from closing. But we knew we had a whole day in Seattle when we got back from our cruise, so we decided to check it out then.

Here's pictures from day one in Seattle. Make sure you check out all my blogs this week for more breathtaking photos from our Alaskan cruise.

Alaskan Cruise Days 1 and 2

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