It all started last camping season when I decided to spend one of the two weekend mornings, going to a local restaurant for breakfast. The closest towns to my campground with local diners are Wysox and Towanda, Pennsylvania.

So pretty much every weekend and vacation, I would visit one of the local diners for breakfast. Sure beats me trying to cook. Now it's my weekend tradition. Not the best for my diet, but whatever.

Once the camping season ends at the end of October, I decided to continue the tradition in the Triple Cities area. I've gone to some local diners that I've been to before, and some that I've never been to.

Breakfast food is my favorite food of all, and as Ron Swanson of the sitcom "Parks & recreation' would say “Why does anybody in the world ever eat anything but breakfast food?” My thoughts exactly.

So far during this non-camping season, in the Binghamton area, I've visited Jane's Diner, Red Oak Diner, Red Robin Diner, Clinton Street Cafe, Reveille Diner, Village Diner, Broadway Diner, Take-a-Break Diner, Union Diner, Gigi's Place Diner and Danny's Diner. I may have missed one or two. My memory isn't what it used to be.

Before camping season begins, whenever that will be (normally on May 1st, but not during Covid-19), my next planned stop will be The Greek House. Beyond that, I'm looking for suggestions. Where do you go locally for a good old homestyle breakfast?

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