When it comes to adult beverages I usually drink beer as opposed to mixed drinks or wine.

You would think with all the beer that is purchased in Binghamton alone, New York state, that New York state would be in the top 10 of states that drink the most beer per person. But, it is not. In fact, it's not even in the top 45.

Americans drink more than six billion gallons of beer every year according to Vinepair. They decided to see what states drink the most beer per capita. Pennsylvania made the top 10 finishing at number eight. New York finished 47th on the list which included the 50 states and Washington DC.

But yet when they listed the states in order of total gallons of beer consumed, New York finished fourth accounting for 321 million gallons of beer. Pennsylvania finished right behind them at number 5 Drinking 307.9 million gallons of beer.

California finished first in total gallons of beer consumed with 727.3 million followed by Texas and Florida. States that consume the least amount of beer include Alaska with 14 million gallons and Wyoming has the least amount at 12.8 million gallons.

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All this talk of beer is making me thirsty. I think when I go home I'm going to have to raid the beer fridge in the bar in my basement. I mean come on, are we going to let the people in California beat us? I'll do what I can to help make New York number 1.

[via Vinepair]

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