January 2020 is almost gone. Have you made plans for your 2020 vacation yet? Today is National Plan for Vacation Day according to the National Day Calendar.

Sure, it may seem a bit early to think about it, but if you take a vacation week (or weeks depending on how much time you get), in the summer, it's going to arrive quickly. And if your workplace has a small staff, you may want to get in your request for time off before your co-workers so your chosen date isn't already taken.

In my profession (Radio) we need people to cover our on-air shows when we go on vacation, so we all check with each other before scheduling time off.  Summertime isn't usually a problem, but around the holidays at the end of the year it can get a bit tricky, since almost everyone wants to take a few days off. I actually like working during the holiday season.

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I have yet to set my weeks off, but i plan to do so very soon, and I know where I'll be going each time, at a nice family campground located in the Endless Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. I have a seasonal site there  where my travel trailer sits.

Even though it's the only place I go to on vacations year after year, it well worth it. Everything is all set up when I get there. It's like a home away from home, including having to mow the lawn around my camper, but I don't mind.

Happy National Plan For Vacation Day!

via National Day Calendar

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