Now that it's basically winter, does that mean the outdoor grilling season is over? If you are a die hard fan of barbeque, there is no season. You won't let any type of weather get in your way of grilling your favorite foods.

At home, I have a charcoal grill that is rarely used anymore. I bought it about 10 years ago and surprisingly it's still in great condition. While I love the taste of food coming off a charcoal grill, it's too much prep work and time to deal with it.

At camp, I have a gas grill that's starting to show its age. I believe I bought it about 5 or 6 years ago, and rust is starting to show up, bolts are breaking off and I'm not sure how much longer the legs are going to hold up. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if when I return to camp next spring, the grill will not be standing upright.

But that means it will be time for a new grill, and for someone like me, that's an exciting prospect. But here's the rub (sorry for the pun.) Do I buy another gas grill or do I buy a pellet grill? I've even been toying with the idea of purchasing a smoker. Never had one, but I've experienced the taste of steak coming out of one, and if you have too, you know it's a great taste.

I've never owned a pellet grill either, and I know they tend to be on the pricy side, but I have also tasted various types of meat grilled with pellets and I think the taste is much better than grilling with propane. I'm guessing a pellet grill will also last longer than a gas grill, correct?

Well, I've got some time over the winter to think about it and do my usual research. In the meantime, I'll be missing the great taste of food that comes off a grill for now. YOur thoughts?

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