Welcome to Thanksgiving week. Is it a week where most hard working people tend to take it a bit easier since it's a short work week? Of course a short work week is out of the question for many in the retail business.

Thanksgiving is among other things, a day of feasting. It's the one day I can go off my diet and enjoy as much food as I want. I'm a grown-up (well at least in the physical sense, not so much mentally), so I can eat whatever I want, right?

Every year, we have a discussion of what to make for Thanksgiving. Some of us are meat eaters, some are not, so there tends to be a variety of food available to make everyone happy.

I eat meat, and turkey would be fine, but since there's just a few of us, buying a turkey would be end up being way too much food. Not that lots of leftovers is a bad thing. I do love having leftover Thanksgiving dinner through the rest of the week.

This year, I spoke up and declared what I want for the main course this Thanksgiving. My vote was for a lasagna. Surprisingly, everyone agreed. So there will be a lasagna with meat and a lasagna with mushrooms and other vegetables. I will partake of both.

And I want cranberry sauce. There's been cranberry sauce on the Thanksgiving table for as long as I can remember, but some of my family think it's gross. Really? One of my family members refers to it as gelatinous goo. Whatever. Just give me the entire can of cranberry sauce. I 'll make sure it gets a good home...in my stomach.

And for desert? Well, everyone has their own opinion on that. I'm good with just about anything sweet, but my favorite would be a warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Or maybe apple crumb pie with ice cream. Ok, anything with apples in it works for me.

What's your go-to food for Thanksgiving? Happy Thanksgiving, and may you have a feast of your favorite foods.

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