I'm always up for learning new things, even if I'm past my schooling years. Well, way past those years to be honest. I like to think I know most of the different types of species roaming our state, but apparently, I am not as knowledgeable as I thought.

What Is This Creature?

You may be aware of this species found in New York State, but I had never heard of it. Are you familiar with the 'Marten?' The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation states that a Marten is a member of the mustelid family.

NYS DEC via Facebook


Did You Know This About Martens?

Martens are primarily found in the central Adirondack Region of New York State. They are small and slender creatures, weighing less than three pounds, and they do look cute. The NYS DEC mentions that the Martin is pretty much a loner, even within its own species except during mating season, and is active between dusk and dawn.

The name mustelid came from the fact that members of this family have developed anal scent glands which produce a strong repellent smell that is often used to mark territories. Other members of this family that can be found in New York include fisher, ermine, weasel, mink, and river otter. - NYS DEC


American Marten Roaming The Adirondacks

In this video below from the NYS DEC Facebook, you can see an American Marten roaming around in the Big Slide Mountain area of The New York State Adirondacks.

Marten Diet and Close Family

Martens feed on a variety of items including fruit, nuts, fish, insects, birds, and small animals as well. The NYS DEC states that the other species close to the Maten family include fisher, ermine, weasel, mink, and river otter, all found in New York State.

Marten & Fisher Trapping

Trapping season began October 25th and runs through December 10th. See the areas for trapping n New York State, below.

Fisher & Marten Trapping
via dec.ny.gov

[via New York State Department of Environmental Conservation]

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