Yesterday after I got off the air, I had to go have my first ever colonoscopy. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect because I was hearing mixed stories from other people's experiences with colonoscopies.

All in all, mine was not that bad. It started Wednesday evening when I had to take my first dose of colon cleanser. Everybody says this is the worst part of the whole process and I must agree. However, the brand of colon prep that my doctor prescribed for me wasn't too too bad. It tasted like cherry cough medicine, but not quite as good.

I had to drink a 16 oz mixture of that and water at 5 p.m. and I pretty much chugged it down. That was followed by two 16 oz bottles of water. No problem. Now my wife has had to have a colonoscopy in the past and she warned me I should be in the bathroom while I'm drinking the medicine. It took over a half hour for the effects to begin. But once they began, the next four hours were spent either in the bathroom or very close to the bathroom.

Yesterday morning at 5 a.m. I had to drink another 16 oz mix of the medicine mixed with water. The second time around it was a little harder to finish the 16 ounces, but I did. After a couple of trips to the bathroom, not as many as the night before, I was ready to have my procedure done.

I went to the G. I. lab where I saw a sign that said: "colonoscopies save lives, remind a friend today". That's one of the reasons why I am writing this blog.

Once I got to the hospital's G.I. lab I was taken into a room where I had to put on an operating gown and then they gave me an IV. Minutes later I was in in the operating room where they do the procedure. The doctor spoke to me for about three minutes, gave me some medicine through the IV, and that is all I remember.

I woke up about an hour later in the recovery room with the nurse talking to my wife and me. Chris said the doctor stopped by to see me as well, but I don't remember that. They took a part of tow polyps to be tested.

Next thing I knew, I was getting changed and I was on my way out the door on my way to get a big lunch.

Colorectal cancer is nothing to take lightly. A colonoscopy is not that big of an ordeal and it could save your life. So if you've been putting off getting one, Stop and get screened. Contact your doctor today.

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