If you own property in New York State, here's a law that we don't have, but you should definitely want.

If you are walking through the woods and you notice purple paint on trees for wooden fences, it doesn't mean the landowner's 12-year-old daughter found the spray paint and wanted to paint the fence her favorite color.

It's called the “Purple Paint Law” and it is in effect in North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, Florida, Maine, Idaho, Montana, Arkansas, Arizona, Kansas, and Louisiana.

HOT 107.9 dug for some answers on this, and they found that according to snopes.com, the purple paint law was created mainly for rural landowners who had to constantly replace "no trespassing" signs that were wrecked by the weather or stolen by others. Basically, the purple paint is a replacement for a "no trespassing sign".

Now unfortunately, the "Purple Paint Law" has not been adopted in New York or Pennsylvania. A bill was proposed in New York State Legislature back in 2017, but that never made it out of committee.

Do you think we should have this law in New York and in Pennsylvania? If you are a landowner, I'm sure this would save you money in the long run, and it would be easier to spray paint than to hang signs on trees.


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