This morning I spoke about a new study I found on Shemazing that said 67% of adults really miss their childhood. I often think back to when I was a kid and all the fun we had in my neighborhood. We were always playing something like kickball, whiffle ball, hide and go seek, or just riding our bikes. We are always outside and all the kids from the neighborhood we're really close. The boys would play with matchboxes while the girls played with dolls and horses. We would all gather together and played board games if the weather didn't cooperate for us to be playing outside.

The study from Shemazing listed 50 things that people miss most about their childhood, and I have to agree with a lot of them. Topping the list for school vacations, summer, playing with friends and not having to work. Life was so much easier back then. I often find myself looking back and smiling at some of the things we did and all the good times we had. Wouldn't you love to go back for a day or two just hang out with your childhood friends again? See the rest of the things people missed from their childhood on the Shemazing website.

There are some kids in my neighborhood in Endicott, but not many. Some of them play outside and mostly just scream at each other. I think they could be having a lot more fun than they are having.

[via Shemazing]

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