I was leaving work on Monday when someone shouted to me from across State Street. They knew my name, but I had no idea who they were.

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I looked up, smiled, and waved as I continued to walk toward my car which was parked inside the State Street parking ramp. However, the voice called to me again but this time, they tossed out a question that I am still totally puzzled over.

The stranger said, "Hey, Traci! What do New York and Philadelphia have in common?" I raised my eyebrows anticipating a punchline but none came. Instead, the stranger stared at me like they were expecting an answer. From me. It was an awkward staredown for a minute with both of us looking at the other with a half-smile, half confused look.

I had no answer and wasn't able to do anything but shrug and stutter, "Uhhhh."  The stranger bent over in laughter and then turned and walked in the opposite direction while I was left standing on the sidewalk with a completely baffled look on my face and still, no answer.

What just happened? What did I miss? Was there a joke in there somewhere? I haven't been able to stop thinking about the question for the better part of the week and I'm still just as stumped today as I was on Monday.

I assume that the stranger knew my husband is from the Philadelphia area so perhaps they were planning to visit Philly and wanted to know what to expect. I honestly couldn't tell you. But, in the days that I've had to think about my strange encounter, I've come up with some things that New York and Philadelphia have in common. You know, in case another stranger randomly stops me on the street again and asks. The similarities might be a bit stretched, but at least I won't be left blubbering if ever asked again!

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