Most businesses have signs out front that let you know where they are located. Some of them put sales on their signs so you know what the bargains are, as they try to lure you into their stores. Some Churches have signs out front that will tell you what the homily will be that week. There are two churches in Vestal one in the Parkway and one on Old Vestal Road that change their signs regularly. Sometimes they're witty sometimes they are thought-provoking and I always read those two when I go by them. There's also a real estate company on the Vestal Parkway, right across the street from the Vestal Animal Hospital, that puts up some clever signs from time to time. And then you have Subway on the Vestal Parkway that has put up signs making reference to the 12-inch sub saying stuff like bring home a 12 inch for your wife, tonight or something like that.

I remember years ago emails going around that had some funny signs in them. One that I remember was a Funeral Home that said don't 'text and drive, we will wait for your business'. Well, this church in Florida put out a sign about forgiveness and people took it the wrong way. It made Strange But True this morning. The sign outside the church said 'forgiveness is swallowing when you want to spit'. Someone brought it to the church's attention, they thought about it and how people were interpreting it and they decided to change it. The link from ABC  Local 10 News shows a picture of the sign.

[via Local 10]

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