OK, that's not exactly how it goes. Jim Free and I assisted Bill from Eureka Camping Center on setting up a tent.

Spring is here, camping season is ready to bloom and it's all about getting outdoors to enjoy whatever makes you happy. Tent camping is all about that, and that's why we joined up with the good people at Eureka Camping Center to show you all the aspects and fun there is to be had with tent camping.

Camping in a tent was a big part of my youth. I remember my dad setting up a good sized canvas army tent for us in the backyard every year. My uncle had a much larger one that looked like it had been used in the service to house about 20 soldiers. That was fun to play around in.

Those tents were heavy, hard to set up and had that certain smell like it had been stored in the basement for 30 years. These days, tents are so much nicer. Easier to set up, lightweight, and will protect you so much better in inclement weather.

Check out this latest series of our adventure about tent camping with Eureka Camping Center, and our previous videos below that. By the way, stop by Eureka Camping Center on Conklin Road, Conklin and register, no purchase necessary for our Mountain Jam giveaway. You have until May 31st to enter. Enjoy and happy camping!



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