The 2015 Food-A-Bago Food Drive is in the books. Another awesome year as we help families in Broome County.

Every year going in, we have no idea how well the food drive will turn out. For me, as soon as the first person stops by with a food donation, I consider it a success. Of course we certainly want to get as much non-perishable food as possible, enough to fill up the camper, and that's exactly how it turned out!.

This was our second year incorporating the Grocery Cart Challenge into the food drive, and it really made a difference in donations, especially since the challenges go out, and are met from the many great businesses in our area.

Mike Leahey, Director of Broome County CHOW reports that our listeners dropped off enough food for 7000 meals. That means you donated 1000 meals a day over the 7 day food drive. If you multiply that by an average family of four, that's feeding approximately 28,000 people in Broome County, and that is awesome!

So thank you for helping us assist families in Broome County this year.
Doug Mosher put together a short video of our 7 day food drive. Check it out, and again, THANKS!

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