This past weekend, my Mother turned 80. She is still as strong as ever. I hope I can say the same if I reach 80. I remember when my siblings and I were younger, we were just like every other teenager. We vowed not to be like our parents.

Their thoughts, beliefs and music choices were not on  the same wavelength as ours. It was the 60s and 70s, and we thought we knew all there was to know about the world, and that our parents were so old fashioned. How little did we know that would change.

Can you imagine that as we got older, we would also be saying "turn that horrible music down" or "when I was your age, we were much more responsible." No, we were the rebels, and we were going to change the world to the way we think. Wrong.

Somehow, somewhere we crossed over the cool age range and became the older folks. During my Mom's 80th birthday party, looking around the room at my nieces and nephews, I commented to my aunts and uncles about how the younger generation all had their noses stuck in those damn mobile phones. And how would they ever survive without them? I also commented how I was getting tired of the younger folks disgust at the oldies music I was playing.

It was right after I said that, I realized how much I sounded like my parents when I was a kid. Oh boy. Maybe I am getting old and crotchety. Well, at least we can still rock-n-roll, but then, my Mom also likes rock-n-roll, so maybe we are really like our parents were. Welcome to the older generation.