Chris and I golf in the couples league at Conklin Players Club on Monday nights. My stepson Ian took care of Hagar, our 8 month old Golden Retriever, late in the afternoon. He took him out and fed him.

I was the first one in the door when we got home from golf. And as usual the dog came and met us at the door like he always does. I noticed debris on the floor and realize that he got into something. I walked down the hallway which was littered with shredded paper and plastic cartridges, then I looked in the den and I saw he got into the garbage can next to the desk.

When I came back over to the door, Chris was just walking in, I noticed a blue streak on the linoleum. That's when I looked at his paws. his golden fur was as blue as a Smurf. He got into a mostly empty ink cartridge that was in the garbage can in the den. He looked like he was auditioning for the Blue Man Group.

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I grabbed a wet paper towel to try and clean it off his legs, and that just smeared the ink all over. That's when we decided he needed a bath.

We didn't want to wash him in the shower because we were afraid that the blue ink wood stain the white floor in the shower. So he took him outside and washed him under the lights with the hose in our backyard.

He didn't like getting a bath, but hopefully he learned his lesson. Once we went back in the house, I continued to dry the dog off with towels while Chris started scrubbing  the cream-colored rug . When I was done drying him off, I scrubbed the ink off  the linoleum .

Hagar stayed as far away from Chris  has he possible could until we went to bed. Maybe we will need to put his crate back together and start using it again. I hope not. Here's some pictures.

Hagar ink cartridge

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