It's so secret, this latest snowstorm is the worst we've seen in a long time. Just before it began, I, like many I'm sure, was a bit excited for what the total amount would be. Normally I would not admit that fact because snow is not my friend and any amount is too much.

My thought was around seven or eight inches total. Shows what I know. But, that's not what this article is about. What I want to do, is show appreciation for those who have to go out into this mess as it is occurring and serve the public.

The snowplow drivers who get no respect, deserve respect. Especially when it comes to a whopper like this storm. When your driveway gets plowed in, you get mad, right? I did, but I realize the roadways need to be plowed, so a minor convenience, correct? These hard workers put in long days and nights. And even they can get stuck in the snow. I salute them.

I also salute those people who can't just stay home and wait out the storm. That includes anyone and everyone in the medical field. Ambulance drivers, Police officers, emergency workers, postal workers, your newspaper carrier, gas and electric workers, those who have jobs that can't just be shut down because of a storm, I salute all of you.

Even our hard working morning show personalities at Townsquare Media. Some had a harrowing drive in for those two days to get in and on the air to keep you informed. I salute them too. How about people who went out of their way to dig out others or helped someone get a vehicle unstuck? Good samaritans!

Did I miss anyone? If you see any of these people, let them know how much you appreciate them. It's because of their hard work and dedication, we weathered the storm.

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