With the number of people shopping online increasing over the last few years, there have been millions of packages left on people's porches. Especially this time of year with Christmas just around the corner.

A couple of years ago, thieves started stealing these packages from people's porches and someone branded the thieves, "porch pirate".

Well, there is a man named Mark Rober who decided to have some fun with porch Pirates. According to KUTV, Mark claims he worked at NASA for nine years including seven years working on the Curiosity Rover. So if anyone could come up with an invention like this, Robert was the man. (Keep scrolling to see video)

KUTV found his video on YouTube where he sets a glitter bomb inside a box and places it on his porch and then on friends porches as well just to screw with the porch pirates.

The box also has the ability to record the whole event. Mark even added a can of fart spray that goes off automatically just to toy with the thieves even more.

You can watch the video below that shows the robbers taking the package and what happens when they open it. When the porch pirates open the box, glitter explodes all over them like a bomb. A few seconds later, the contents from the can of fart spray are released and the thieves reactions are priceless.

I think they should sell these things so we can teach all these losers a lesson.

Check out the video.

[via KUTV/YouTube Mark Rober]

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