Do you remember the first time you ever set foot on an airplane to soar through the sky? One Owego man certainly does and always will thanks to a fantastic flight crew and the video of what they did for him that's making its rounds.

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Darrik of Owego, along with his girlfriend Haley and their best friends Josh and Ann, started planning an unforgettable vacation back in March. If Darrik was going to take his first flight somewhere, it would be someplace warm and exotic, so the Hawaii vacation plans began in earnest.

Five months after the group of friends decided that the warm and exotic place they wanted to visit was Hawaii, the couples traveled to Buffalo Airport to catch their flight to paradise.

As Darrik was getting ready to board the plane, he was filled with understandable jitters and happened to mention to the flight attendant that he was about to embark on his first ever flight.

In good nature, the flight attendant ribbed Darrik a bit and announced to the rest of the passengers on the flight that it was Darrik's flight - at the age of 28. To celebrate Darrik's first flight, the crew made him a crown out of a flotation device.

According to his girlfriend Haley, Darrik spent the first leg of the flight gripping his seat and refused to look out the window. Because of bad weather, the flight was rerouted to Indianapolis and after the plane landed, Darrik remarked that he loved flying.

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