Remember when the television series BattleBots first showed up on your screen? I wasn't sure what to think when I first ran across the series on television, but I couldn't look away. It was fun to watch.

BattleBots premiered on the Comedy Central cable channel in the summer of 2000 and lasted five seasons, ending at the end of 2002. Take a look at one of the episodes from the early years on Comedy Central, below.

The ABC network brought the series back in 2015 and the Discovery Channel took over the BattleBots in 2018, and the series continues. The 11th season began earlier this year, and according to the BattleBots website, the finale of season 6 will air on April 7th with the 14th episode.

BattleBots has garnered a great viewing audience as these robots battle for the Giant Nut trophy and cash awards. According to the BattleBots website, the current season has featured over 60 teams from around the world in the competition, held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The competition consists of 3-minute matches, with two robots competing to knock out their competitor and move on to the next competition. It's interesting to see what these robots look like. especially when you compare the robots built in the early years versus the current look of the robots competing in 2022. Each team has done an amazing job designing their robot with the hopes of outlasting all the others in the competition. It must be

And the Battlebots competition was part of the inspiration for the Watson Combat Robotics League at Binghamton University. According to the Binghamton University website, the first in-person completion was held on the campus on April 3rd with several teams competing. The Watson Combat Robotics League consists of about 100 students divided into 24 teams according to the website.

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