Did you ever hear someone speaking in a different language and wish you could understand what they were saying? Maybe it's a group of people speaking a different language and one keeps looking at you as they talk, and you wonder if they are talking about you. Or, if you go into a restaurant and the people behind the counter or speaking a different language as your ordering your food, and you are wondering what they are saying.

Well, Google has unveiled a bunch of new products. One of which is called Pixel Buds. They can translate 40 different languages in real time. According to Inc.com, you tap one of the earbuds and say something like "Help me speak French". Then if someone around you starts speaking French, it automatically translates it into English for you. Inc.com says they will cost about $159. But there is a catch. You can only use them with one of the new Pixel phones. The cheapest new pixel phone I can find is $650.

Maybe someday I will be able to afford this and actually understand what they are saying to me at my favorite Chinese restaurant.


[via Inc.com]

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