Today is Valentine's Day and while most guys should have taken care of this yesterday, its not too late to do something simple and nice for that special person in your life.

I know as a guy its not overly important that I get something from my wife for Valentine's Day, and I think most men feel the same way.

A recent survey found that over 40% of women actually dread Valentine's Day, they don't want a night out or gifts, many women prefer just a quiet evening at home.

So if you're wondering why am I blogging about a Valentine's Day game plan, it's because over 50% of women DO expect something for Valentine's Day.

The most popular acts of affection on Valentines Day;

  • Valentine's Card- over 60% of people give their sweetheart a romantic card, hey if you can't think of something romantic to say, Hallmark will never let you down.
  • Romantic Dinner-Take her to a nice restaurant or if you're a good cook, make her a nice dinner at home.
  • Candy-I recommend you stay away from the really cheap stuff, maybe some of those big juicy chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Flowers-Most women prefer Roses but even a nice bouquet of mixed flowers are nice, I have bought flowers from the grocery store, if you peel off the outer faded pedals you have a nice fresh group underneath.

Whatever you do make it simple and nice, and if your lady tells you she doesn't want anything for Valentine's Day, DON'T BELIEVE THEM, have a game plan.

Check out my video on the most and least romantic things to do on Valentines Day

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