Summer is closing fast and many feel Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of swimming,camping, vacations and other summer fun.

Those summer days and nights, many of us plan trips and engage in outdoor activities, so with 22 days left of summer, are you satisfied with the things you've done?

This is the final week of August, as September arrives on Thursday

Wow 22 more days, what to do, where to go?

My wife and I have not done a lot this summer, we have been busy with some big projects around our house, but we have managed to get out and enjoy some of the regional sights here in upstate New York over the past two summers, including the Finger Lakes, Oneida, the beautiful waterfalls and gorges of Ithaca,and we’ve attended several events locally too.

Do you really have to travel a great distance to get that sense of fulfillment that you made the most out of your summer?

How many activities or events do you have to attend to accomplish your summer goals?

What ever you've done, I hope you've had a great summer, yet?

Just 86 days till Thanksgiving, and 117 days till Christmas, have you made your plans?

Check out a few places we went.

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