Last night, when my wife and I were contemplating on what to do for dinner, she suggested we go to the Rumble Ponies game and eat there.

We ended up getting there right before the first game started. Man was it hot. I was sweating just sitting there. But that's why God invented beer and ice cream, right?

I love the food at the stadium. Just about everything there tastes great. Last night I had a Roast Beef sandwich with horseradish sauce on it. WOW! That was awesome. I'm not just saying that because there is a good chance that my stepson made it either, it really was that good. I got fries with cheese to go along with it, and a beer to wash it down.

After we got done eating, a family of four that sat in the row in front of us, sat down with a helmet full of nachos. It was a plastic Rumble Ponies helmet, filled to the top with nacho's, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and whatever else they asked for. I might have to try that the next time we go.

Binghamton dropped the first game, which was a continuation from a game that was suspended back in May. But in game two, the Rumble Ponies throttled the Rubber Ducks 13 Zip. P.J. Conlon pitched an awesome game and just about everybody chipped in at the plate.

Another cool thing that happened at NYSEG Stadium last night, was the Rumble Ponies saluted the Vestal High School Baseball team on their New York State Championship. Congratulations to the Golden Bears!

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