Is there such a word as 'Bluesday?' It's a good name to add to Tuesday since it's a day no one really likes, right?

It's one of those days where times stands still, and work piles up with the weekend nowhere in sight. The news is gloomy (isn't it always?) One story we have today, is about a garbage truck tipping over near Prospect Mountain...again. Over 104,000 pounds of trash all over the road.

That story reminds me of the 1965 (March 15th) truck crash involving 30,000 pounds of bananas in Scranton, Pa. While it may have not normally been a story we would have known about, Harry Chapin made it known to everyone who listens to his music.

Never heard of it? The song describes the true story of a truck driver with a load of 30,000 pounds of bananas, traveling down the hilly Route 307 into Scranton, Pa. He lost control of the rig due to a mechanical failure, careening down the road at about 90 miles per hour.

One can only imagine the horror this man endured, trying his best to avoid crashing into anything or anyone. Unfortunately, he couldn't avoid it and died doing his best not to cause too much damage. Harry Chapin did his best to describe the story in song. Check it out below.



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