According to National Day Calendar, Today, Monday, July 29th, is National Chicken Wing Day.

I love wings. I remember when wings first started getting popular in the 80s, you basically had two choices, hot or mild. Now you go to some places and they have 30 different flavors on the menu. 30 different flavors? Little bit of overkill? Yeah, I think so.

Some people like their wings crispy, I do not. I like mine cooked and juicy. When they're crispy they're so dried out it's just like eating bones.

I like mine hot as well. I don't mind how hot they actually are, as long as they have taste. If they are just hot for the sake of being hot, and there is no taste, I have no need for them. But extra hot, as long as they're full of flavor, give me them and some blue cheese and I'm fine.

I also like mine with extra sauce on them. I want the sauce dripping off them when I pick them up. I think I will celebrate by having at least a dozen wings after golf tonight.

So my question to you is, who do you think has the best wings in the Binghamton area?

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