This weekend will be the last hurrah for my 2018 camping experience. The weather we are experiencing currently is telling to get

So, this weekend, I will spend time storing away all the lawn ornaments along with everything else that needs to be put away for the winter, After that, I plan to relax, and enjoy what time is left, with the heaters on full, reminiscing about the past camping season. Now that I think of it, this season was probably the worst I've experienced.

Day one on May 1st started out as a promising beginning to the season, but Mother Nature soon made it otherwise. While we had many warm and hot days, the relentless days of rain were overwhelming and a bit too much to take.

The grounds around my camper, and for the rest of the campground for that matter were soaked. And if you walked on the grounds, everything turned to mud. Many of my fellow campers experienced stuck vehicles as well as some golf carts.

Bradford County Pennsylvania, where the campground is located, had a much wetter summer than we had in New York. Our hopes of a string of sunny days to dry out the grounds never materialized. Nevertheless, it didn't dampen our weekends, vacations, campfires with friends, tasty food and beverages...all that made the season worthwhile despite the lousy weather.

This weekend, I plan to bundle up and hang out with whoever is still at camp around a roaring campfire, featuring conversation, laughter, food and alcohol until the last flame of the campfire goes out. Our final hope and wish will be for May 1st 2019 to arrive quickly...and a bit drier.

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