Have you been to a casino lately? I know both Tioga Downs and Turning Stone Casinos have slot machines that are Oktoberfest themed. It's all about beer and women in the beer wench outfits. If you get to the bonus, it plays a German song about drinking beer. I saw these machines and thought to myself, "God, I can't wait for Oktoberfest".

Our Parlor City Oktoberfest will take place on Saturday October 14th from 11 am. To 8pm. at Mountain Top Grove in Vestal. There will be craft beers; authentic German foods and desserts, a children activity area, vendor booths, contests, and live entertainment. Food, drinks and alcohol will be available for purchase.

It's less than three months away, and you can get your tickets here at the station, 59 Court St. in Binghamton (Mon-Fri 8-5), or at Mountain Top Grove. They are just ten bucks if you get them now. You can get them through our website for a dollar more a piece through our website. And children under 13 are free.

So talk to your friends now and make plans to be there. This will be something you'll be talking about for years to come.

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